Friday, June 9, 2017

That's a wrap

And just like that, the school year is over. I was reviewing all of the reams of papers Henri has brought home over the past week and while the progress is impressive and obviously it took time to achieve, this really did fly by. We are looking forward to a laid back and moderately structured summer (being realistic, it'll never be unstructured because I need my schedules and I've already written up the monthly, weekly, and daily to-do lists...) although I just looked through all the workbooks sent home and realized that I'll be essentially homeschooling for the next 3 months (four from the teacher (math, spelling, language, letter sounds), plus keeping a reading log and journal). We'll be starting our She Reads Truth study in Romans on Monday, a week late but wanted to wait until school is finished. I got Henri the children's one and might copy a few of the pages for Hudson since they are not all reading/writing based and he hates to be excluded. It feels like the start to summer in truth with the weather we're having today, but unfortunately everyone except me is ill with that nasty cold that lingers. Henri really should have stayed home this week but she was adamant she had to go, and honestly we had so many obligations and timing was so precise it would have been a massive headache to keep her home.
So, about the past year, and Henri (since this blog is, ostensibly, for her...): Henrietta learned to read and the worst punishment I can give is to forbid her from reading at night in bed. Her current favorite series are Boxcar Children, Winnie the Pooh (we've started the poetry books), In Grandma's Attic, Little House on the Prairie. She reads a lot of Arnold Lobel and Mo Willems too. Her ability to memorize continues to be ridiculous and last night at the closing ceremonies recited 26 verses to correspond with the alphabet. Her absolute best friend is AJ (not sure he feels the same, but also not sure he has any say in the matter. All teachers and parents have informed me that Henri has their future planned in exhaustive detail and he seems on board), Sam, Isabella, and Dylan. She says her favorite subject is art, but I hear most about Lexia and Science. Her teacher, Mrs. Garcia, has been a great fit for her and has encouraged my perfectionist to just try with the expectation of not being perfect, and that it'll be ok. Next year will of course be different and while we're both a little apprehensive about the change (she is her mother's daughter in some respects), I have heard nothing but glowing reports about her next teacher. Until then, I'm going to enjoy having her all to myself.
There's a few inches in height gained, and a ton of knowledge, between these two pictures!

The kids' end of school year gift was new hiking packs since I plan to have us out exploring a lot this summer. 

He knows he's not allowed to blow the whistle except in emergencies but he loves to pretend he's about to

She was so proud of this award, and I agree it fits her well

The amazing Mrs. Garcia

Last day of Kindergarten

My peonies are blooming! Had to bring one in.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Tea and other stuff

Pretty much my sole focus the past month has been preparing for the Ladies Tea at our church. And it happened, and it was gorgeous (I say, modestly)......and I didn't take a single picture. Not one. A friend snapped a few, but I'm so disgusted with myself. So, here's what I have:

A few playgroups ago at Gore Mansion. This was during the two weeks where Hudson wore mostly nothing but the pig costume. 

Henri helped assemble all the fabric flowers we used as napkin rings

A few of them

Coffee date

Mother's Day gem from Henri. Sleep is taken very seriously around here!

Hudson showing off his soccer socks from our neighbor.

Nightly homework

Friends have bought a house less than a mile from us! So excited. We walked down to check it out, then played at our favorite park which is 3 houses down from it.  

Found a beetle that looked like the Batman emblem. Hudson was pretty thrilled.

The flowers I used for the tea were hydrangeas and roses, so this was a fortuitous find at the thrift store (I painted the frame with chalk paint)

Lots of outside play, and all the little green inchworms are out and making instant pets to keep Hudson entertained. 

Sriracha on watermelon for lunch every day. So tasty in this heat!

Flowers at home

First fire of the season, just to make sure the pit still works. 

A few glimpses of the glory that was my table decor

Many, many hours of thrifting and crafting represented here. 

Food was catered by the ever-amazing Mrs. Abrams. Menu included artichoke parmesan bites, pimento cheese sliders, strawberry and brie and waffle skewers, a crustless quiche that featured bacon, avocado and cream cheese, salmon mousse on cucumber bites, a simple salad of candied nuts, orange sections, and greens, a fruit salsa with cinnamon chips, sugar cookies cut to look like teapots and bags, and cream cheese double chocolate cupcakes. 

Also, got access to the Flower Exchange indirectly and was supplied with an insane amount of flowers, easily triple what I ordered. It was almost over the top but looked awesome. If anyone wants a shabby chic/elegant rustic wedding decorated for, I can set you up haha. 

And then Monday we were gratefully back to our regular schedule and hanging with Hudson's best friends (and having a much needed decompression/gripe session with dear friends of my own....and drinking allllll the coffee). 
Not pictured, Henri had a concert and her school put on Peter Pan, Steve and I went to a strings recital, I have paint chips up all over the walls trying to decide hall, kitchen, and bathroom colors, and we have only 2 more weeks of school left!!!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Birthday and Gram

The past week was a wonderful one mom came! It was so much fun having here for a few days and to say she's sorely missed would be an understatement. That little taste of what it's like to have grandparents nearby made me greedy for more, haha. It was a weird week too because Henri had testing all week so there was no homework (a happy thing!) which led to us packing our afternoons with fun stuff.
Speaking of Henri, she had a birthday! #6. I feel like this is definitely her last year of being a little kid. 7 seems like it's the age of responsibility and duty. 6, you can still get away with stuff. She got her wish of Chik fil A for dinner, and an apple pie from Gram. It was a fun day :)

Ok, these first 2 refuse to load in order. Yesterday we met up with the folks in Maine to trade off the fruits of an Ikea trip for maple syrup.

It was cold and rainy and windy and my kids acted like it was 85 and sunny.

Back in order! At playgroup. One of the moms sent me this. Hudson decided L was hungry, got out a bottle, checked it was the right level and properly mixed, and fed him. His mom had half an eye on him so it was fine, but Hudson is totally convinced he's a better parent than anyone else. It makes babysitting and nursery duty very easy.

Rainy day, home from school, Hudson still asleep in the car, so we sat up front and read.

All the trees have bloomed.

Spent a morning at the "creek" in our woods. 

He's pretty happy with this shirt.

They had a tea party at playgroup and made "teacups" from baby food jars. He's drunk out of his since (and added a drink umbrella to really jazz things up).

Totally borrowed this from here and made 16 of them for Henri's classmates to celebrate her birthday. Gone are the blissful days of sending in cupcakes or some such thing (food allergies) or balloons (latex allergies, choking hazard). But I had a ton of fun hunting down items to put in them, and other than mixing vast quantities of playdough up, it was an easy gift.

Friday we went to an Audubon to check out all the old watermill runs. 

Mushroom tree

After we picked up Henri we swung by Drumlin so Mom could meet the baby sheep, and Henri could play in the tack room. 

All set up for the big day!

6!!!!!! and a photobomber...

We went to diner for breakfast so Henri could have her Nutella stuffed french toast, then headed to Concord to tour the Old North Bridge and visitor center.

Home for some bead fun; we went out for dinner and ran in to friends who had a gift for Hen in the car. Random but exciting. 

Gram's amazing apple pie. Also, mint chocolate chip ice cream. 

 Back to Concord. 

According to our wall, she grew 2" this year.

Mom said no pictures of her, but this is a nice one :) After the visitor center Henri, Mom, and I toured Louisa May Alcott's Orchard House and learned all kinds of interesting stuff about her and her family. 

Sunday was church, and then we walked another Audubon trail where it poured. I've only hiked in decent weather ONCE with Steve, so clearly he's the problem.

Once home Henri built stadium seating to watch the guys play baseball. 

Tuesday Mom had to go home, so after I dropped her off at the bus I solaced myself with a trip to the thrift store (very successful in the clothing department, too!) and Hudson sweet talked me in to a skateboard. 

Wednesday we went to a track meet after school to support some of the teens in our church. It was freezing and the starter's gun was not to Hudson's liking, but they did pretty well and one of the girls came in first with a PR at the hurdles!

....then he found the pig costume and it stayed on pretty much 24/7 for the next few days

More Tea prep. Fun with chalk paint.

On Monday we went to Ikea with mom and I picked up these buckets to turn into planters. Hudson "helped" me pound holes in them. 

Piggie eating his lunch....

After a pricey trip to Home Depot, my herb garden!!!! We'll see if anything survives. It's been 3 days and so far everything is still green.

Piggie reading "St. George and the Dragon" and going grocery shopping.

Back where we started, at Maine. 

And digging. 
That's the highlights! Or at least, what was on the phone. We got to flex our creative muscles and paint scenery at Hen's school for the older grade's upcoming play, somehow we ate at Chik fil A three times in a week's span, and it's back to regular life tomorrow.