Friday, February 2, 2018

January 2018

Hi! This month has been interminable and you'd think we would have more to show for it, but unfortunately all we seemed to do was get sick. Much like last year at this time a nasty cold virus has struck all but me down (I've been drinking gallons of my apple cider elixir and think the cold might have been less painful at this point...) so nothing too exciting has occurred. Lots of time in pj's and reading, but I can't imagine a better way to start a year.
I decided I'd bake all our bread. Found an easy delicious whole wheat sandwich bread recipe, whipped up a loaf....and the kids won't eat it. They like the fake stuff instead. 

Finally off the Hamilton kick, or at least we're not listening to it daily. And that's because now they're hooked on Les Mis. I bought the 10th anniversary concert DVD thinking to show them a few minutes....and they looked like this for the entire thing. In love. I'm not complaining, I've loved it for ages too. Unfortunately the plot line is much harder to explain than Hamilton, but they've got a pretty solid grasp by now.

He did the whole parking area!

Back to BC for a hockey game with friends

He dresses himself

Might have been because he was feeling lousy, but Steve read another book!

Bought this based on the recommendation of Risen Motherhood. It arrived, I started to read to the kids...and 2.5 hours later we finished it and realized we'd skipped dinner. They loooooved it. I'd never liked Pilgrim's Progress before, but this was a great version.

I mean, with illustrations like this, how could the kids help but be fascinated? Came out the next morning to Hudson on the couch re-reading it to himself. 

I finally drove Esme! I've been afraid to take her out, but I finally bit the bullet. Took her to a business park to practice parking, nailed this the first attempt, and decided to stop while I was ahead. She handles just fine on the road, but it's pretty clear a new transmission is in her near future (yikes).

Discovered a new Brazilian bakery in town. Went 3 times this week......

He def got frostbite a few weeks ago, because this week in class everyone else was fine but his cheeks went white and then have been chapped. So this was ordered and since it came it's been on his face. He's alternating between being a ninja and a knight. 

Sunday, January 7, 2018

December 2017

And to finish out the year:
EBC decorations were subdued this year

We finally learned how to transfer words to any surface! Lots of scratching with a pencil but the results were worth it

Composing during quiet time

Henrietta's class getting ready for their Christmas show. Henri ended up with a solo section for one of the songs and despite a nasty cold did a fantastic job.

The kids decorated our tree this year. And undecorated it. And then redecorated it....I've discovered the secret to a stress-free holiday is to not care and just let it all go. It made for a very relaxed and unproductive month.

Decorating bags for his friends gifts. I've had the glitter glue for as long as we've been married and it still works great.

Hud's friends came over to make pizza and decorate cookies. I love these boys, and they get along so well

Ornaments that Hen and I sewed as gifts for her classmates

Cookie table prior to allllll the cookies showing up for our song service. Again, had a "don't care" attitude, and again, easiest and best event we've had so far.

Woohoo! Not only does Steve normally do the evening dishes, now the kids are joining in so I have a solid 30 minutes of peace. It's great.

Started out Solstice at Habitat for a walk and then special snack in one of the classrooms. One of the workers was in the barn so we got to spend some quality time with the goats too. 

Burning our intentions with friends. Also attempted to burn a sage smudge BUT a squirrel ate it and left just the string and a few stems. I'd spent 3 hours drying them in the oven that morning and was quite put out. 

Had a more formal dinner with some friends, followed by a lantern walk in the woods and then a fire. Came inside for hot grog (cider) and gingerbread. It was a wonderful way to welcome back the light. 

Not quite a raging bonfire, but not too shabby for a quiet suburb.

We dined by candlelight. It was a hit (none of those invited had celebrated solstice before) and all requested a repeat next year so I'd say it was a success. 

We all spent a day dipping candles. And learned that if we lived in pioneer days we would be without light (adding to my list of starving, being without shelter, and not being clothed...). So. Much. Work. For very pitiful results (this is one of the best and it's only 2" tall).

Christmas morning! I was up at 4:30 but we made it until 6:30 to open stockings. David came over and we had a relaxed and food-filled day with SNOW!!! First white Christmas in a long time. 

Then home to VT for my birthday. The big 35. Officially middle aged. Oy. 

Steve decorated, Meg and Nate came too, we went on a date to Bobcat and it lived up to the hype, I treated myself to a shopping trip at Yarn and Yoga, it was lovely. 

New hat from Great Gram. She has the best taste

The bonfire went off this year! Still burning the next morning when we got up so it was a good one. Neighbors to the south had one as well plus fireworks, I saw a shooting star, there were no serious injuries.

We made it till midnight as well

Discussing fire strategy

Headed home the passes were ice covered and gorgeous

Went to see Clemson take on BC. Had the place pretty much to ourselves since the college was still on vacation

Our blizzard closed school for Thur and Fri and the kids have been loving the snow. Unfortunately the temps mean they can only be out for a short time, and even with that Hudson got frostnip on his cheeks. 

This is a knight, the strip on top is supposed to be the horsehair plume on his helmet

A horse for the knight

A shameless "my kids are so cultured" humble brag, but seriously this has become a favorite of both kids. I don't know why. Maybe the rhyming? Maybe because anything by Tolkien is destined to be loved? Whatever, I'd recommend it. Short 30 minute poem with all kinds of lessons to discuss (vocabulary not the least). We've checked it out twice now and renewed the allotted 3x, so that means we'll be buying it for the home library.
And that was 2017. Nothing huge looming, that we're aware of, for 2018 but we pray for a peaceful and productive year. Thanks for following us and let me know what you and your families have been up to!

November 2017

Photo dump! I haven't been taking many, but here's a glimpse of the end of the year:

He's finally getting interested in art

First attempts at dumplings was a hit

Got to meet my nephew, less than 24 hours old!

Super sweet and squishy

Hudson wanted to name him "Hudson's cousin". That was nicely negated, haha

Their heads are so tiny when they're first born!!!

Our dose of culture for the week. Super slow and the kids loved it

Made it to NY for Thanksgiving and lots of cousin time

But first the kids and I went to VT for a few days and they got their first snow

which Hudson was determined to eat all of

Big windstorm had come through the previous week and all the edge firs had been blown down

Giant root balls

Very fun to clamber on

And then we stopped to see Aunt Anna and tour Troy

Lunch at Famous 

It's amazing to me how well they all get along. Ava especially does a great job of keeping Hudson entertained and out of mischief

My inheritance, lol. Love the pattern of this china and we got to use it for our Thanksgiving meal

Sue making her famous apple crisp, the first of 4 batches we ate.

Miiiiight have been my idea initially but I didn't really mean it, but then we went ahead and had our first annual 1 mile "fun" run. 

Steve made us race bibs, our number was our age. Since Paul and I are the same, mine was "34.5".

We all made it! Actually, there was some cutting across of the track by a certain member...but the rest of us did it! 

Kids table

The chefs and their spread. Melanie won the mashed potato showdown by impartial and blind judging.

Late nights and early mornings starting to show

Henri and her great gram who she was named after

Went for a hike

Henri and Ava on the playhouse roof